Expecting to Fly-New Wings Finalist in 2018 Best Book Awards

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From Writer’s Digest, Self Published Book Awards review: Expecting to Fly-New Wings

“The pacing of this story was slow but steady. The characters were the type that you as the reader either loved or hated. The plot is well done and the story organized. The author made her characters complex. She’s quite skilled at character development. The hero’s journey in this story was believable and complete. The author’s voice was welcoming and vivid in a way that draws the reader into the story from the first page and keeps them reading until the end of the book. Jessie was written in a way that endears the reader to her heart. The author’s writing style is warm and appealing in the beginning, and as the story progresses, it is as multi-layered as her characters as she adapts her writing to suit their personalities and flaws.” Judge #72 Writers Digest Self Published Book Awards.

“With character development at its centre and daring that’s hard to dismiss New Wings is the first book in Smith’s Expecting To Fly series.

A beautifully observed snapshot that brings the angst of youthful years to the fore with Smith’s characters coming to life as she creates vivid images of her young protagonist’s year of change. Providing richness of detail, a powerful theme and impressive mastery of a constantly shifting tone.

Sure to provoke timely reflection, there are parts of Smith’s story that are heart-achingly sad but she is ever mindful to keep a kernel of hope alive. Hope that’s set against Jessie’s deep insecurities which come from being a chronic outsider as she learns a little, very tentatively, about boys, and a lot about friendship. This captured in flowing prose as we are reminded of the different spheres we inhabit as children and how we make sense of the world into which we evolve

Abuse is a difficult subject about which to write with many authors going too far for the shock value but Smith steers away from an exploitative approach to her narrative to find a good balance between Hank’s violent outbursts and Jessie’s wide-eyed naivety as she savours her first taste of freedom. And the result is an exceptionally well-observed story that is challenging and accessible whilst resonating with readers on different levels.

New Wings proves a strong start to Smith’s Expecting To Fly series and is highly recommended.Book Viral

All three books in this series are available                          at: amazon

Expecting to fly
New Wings – Book One

Into the Light – Book Three
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Born and raised in Reno, I love writing stories that take place in Nevada. The dramatic scenery ranging from desert, to farmland, meadows to mountains creates the perfect backdrop for my characters. I find writing and painting a wonderful way to escape to new worlds, explore my passions and share them with others. I love reading historical romances, tragedies and anything that stirs my emotions and draws me in as not just a reader, but as a participant.

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